Colonialism In Singapore Essay

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Introduction During the colonial period, most countries in Southeast Asia saw an influx of European colonist, who brought along with them their culture, language, law, religion and political ideologies. As a collection of disjointed and often hostile kingdoms and states, the Europeans were granted access into the region fairly easily, given that most of the then current kings were unaware of the slow but certain threat of invasion posed by these Europeans . Singapore is often referred to a sort of oddity in this situation, due to its relative lack of opposition and its seemingly advantageous rather than entirely suppressive impacts of colonialism. The city-state was unique from the other similar yet distinct ports in the region and was in a sense created rather than just affected by the colonialist presence. The English attribution of its importance in trade and its conception as a major trading hub transformed the fishing village to the classically modern city it is in the present day. As a consequent of having trade as the basis of its economic development, Singapore became a petri dish for the coexistence of the diverse cultures that surrounded it. In effect, the English…show more content…
Apart from the strict legislations and restrictions, Singapore finds other laws from its colonial life still prevailing to a certain degree moulded and adapted through the times. Notwithstanding, upon inspection of the current archives of Singaporean laws and regulations, it becomes evident that the greatest influence of the British colonialists that is still prevalent in the modern Singaporean culture can be found in its

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