Reflection On Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

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Downsizing happened in my company. Hence, I received a redundant note where I worked as a fashion designer for three years. Losing my job was an unpredicted issue in my life. I felt sadness, frustrated and dissatisfied. I fluctuated between anger and anxiety. I discovered incredibly anxious about my future. Consequently, I utilised the counselling, theories and skills to implement for solving my anxiety. Through the counselling lectures and relevant literature, I applied the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approaches and skilled to reduce my stress, and it restores my thinking and explores a new direction for my future. It also allows me to understand how to evaluate and analyse, which therapies should apply for use in the treatment.…show more content…
It presumed to underlie many psychological and behaviour problems and use of therapeutic methods that empirically examined. Additionally, behavioural reactions arising from that analysis are essential elements in upkeep emotional troubles. (Linda Papadopoulos; Malcolm Cross; Robert Bor; Papadopoulos, 2003; Ryan, Lynch, Vansteenkiste, & Deci, 2011; Goldin et al., 2012; Kishita & Laidlaw 2017) Getting rid of anxiousness and resistance to transforming from the unpredictability experience as a possibility for development. (Ronzio,…show more content…
A is the activating event or actual situation, B is beliefs and C is consequences. (Corey, 2017) I applied this concept in my case hence A is losing a job; B is I felt unable and challenging to obtain employment; C is I felt anxiety and anger. It evaluated my emotions problem is in consequence job loss, and I doubted about my abilities and lost my confidence. It defeated by personal beliefs. I applied disputed irrational belief and to challenge myself; such as I talked to myself "If I do not get the job, it is not my false? I have another chance." The disputing irrational concept is a signature of CBT. (Tursi & Cochran, 2006) The fundamental idea of CBT is changing the negative emotions, and the way of you think. (Tursi & Cochran, 2006). It alters maladaptive thought patterns contesting wrong ideas or transforming unpleasant and changing trouble behaviours models as a component of homework. (Tursi & Cochran,

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