Cultural Competency Assessment

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I will be defining what cultural competence is and review my personal cultural competence assessment, with my score,. I will discuss my weakness and strength that were identified. In addition, I will discuss ways that individuals can improve their own cultural competency. Cultural competence is the awareness of the healthcare professional develops that enables them to be mindful of their own existence, sensation’s and thoughts and environment without allowing their own personal feelings to effect the care they provide (Giger, 2013). Before we are able to become competent we need to be aware if we have any hidden or known cultural bias. I participated in the Cultural diversity self-assessment test online and obtained a score of 108 (IllinoisCTE.,n.d.). I found some of the questions…show more content…
I assume others good intent, just because I have friends of color does not mean I am culturally competent, I have multiple of friends from a variety of ethnicities, I connect easily with others that do not look like me, I believe nontraditional employees are just as skilled and competent as myself, I believe that there are negative practices in place that negatively affect minorities, that I believe race is a social construct and I realize a person’s experiences and backgrounds impacts how they interact with me. My parents often told me that I see the world through rose colored glasses and not everyone has good intentions. Which they are correct, I just know that the race of the individual or color does not mean they have good intentions. I have two children and I have raised them with the belief that you never measure a person by the color of the skin you see, but by the color of their heart that they show you. I have meet outstanding people from different races and cultures, and some pretty awful ones from my own culture. Even in a family you have people with good and bad intentions, but the key is

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