Bowen Center Reflection

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“Bowen Center’s mission is to positively impact the quality of life of those we serve by providing professional, caring, cost-effective behavioral healthcare services” (“Explore Who We Are,” n.d.) The Bowen Center acknowledges each patient by exploring their values, beliefs, preferences, and needs, which is where cultural competence and culture-centered/sensitivity connect. Cultural competence is the ability to effectively interact with people from a variety of cultures (Saha, Beach, & Cooper, 2008.) Cultural sensitivity is being aware that those cultural differences and similarities exist between people (Dabbah, 2017.) The culture-centered approach is where healthcare providers explore diverse ways in which cultural meanings are constructed…show more content…
I need to sit and observe to notice how case managers interact with a variety of people. I also hope to learn to apply the culture-centered approach. I have learned the textbook definition, but how is this term applied in the real world? The application of a word can be vastly different from the definition. With the Bowen Center, I know these hopes and issues will straighten themselves out. The Bowen Center makes a difference in the lives of patients, and I cannot wait to observe that difference. References Dabbah, M. (2017, June 01). What is Cultural Sensitivity? Discover Definition & Theory. Retrieved April 02, 2018, from Explore who we are. (n.d.). Retrieved April 02, 2018, from Jamil, R. (n.d.). What is CCA. Retrieved April 02, 2018, from Saha, S., Beach, M. C., & Cooper, L. A. (2008). Patient Centeredness, Cultural Competence and Healthcare Quality. Journal of the National Medical Association,100(11), 1275-1285. The role of case management. (n.d.). Retrieved April 02, 2018, from

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