Critical Analysis Of Terrorism

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Ziya Rustamov WRIT 100 Instructor: Vafa Kazdal Critical Analysis Essay Number of words: TERRORISM Terrorism is a global problem that is threatening the global unity. It affects many countries whether directly or indirectly. It implants fear to the minds of people disrupting their daily operations. The U.S State department defines terrorism using four elements; an act or threat of violence, a political objective, direct attack of the citizens and support of terrorism. After the 9/11 attacks where more than six thousand Americans were killed in New York, Americans were engulfed with fear after one of the worst attacks targeting American civilians. This prompted the government to come up with various measures that would help in protecting the…show more content…
According to Mark, the primary role of any legitimate government in the world is to protect its citizens from any external aggression (89). In light of this, the government had the right to use any means available to protect its citizens all over the world. The government was also provoked by elements that were supported by other governments or larger organizations and had to take war to these governments to get rid of them. In addition, this was war, innocent lives were lost after the attacks, and the U.S had the moral obligation to revenge on behalf of the victims. Horgan argues that if the US did not take the stringent measures after the attacks, more people would have suffered the same fate in the US and other countries (280). The US had to do all it could to redeem the confidence and relieve the citizens from fear caused by the attacks and had to show the citizens that the government still had the power to defend the country. Therefore, the measures taken including the Afghanistan and Iraq wars were…show more content…
David argues that the amount of money used since the US started the war against terrorism that saw the US invade Afghanistan and Iraq is exorbitant (David 1152). The current national debt is at its highest point yet the results are not so pleasing. Today, even after being in Iraq for over a decade, the country continues to suffer from terrorists. A lot of money has been used to reconstruct Iraq and Afghanistan after a decade old war yet the US does not benefit from these countries. Another factor that has led to lots criticism is the stigma caused to Muslims in both the US and other countries. The onslaught on the two countries has led to profiling of Muslims as well as being seen as terrorists. Muslims in the US live in fear as they are seen as potential terrorists. This has widened the enmity between the US and Muslim dominated countries in the world (Aziz 371). The opponents, thus, argue that the measures were not justified and alternative measures should have been

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