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Religion in the military has impacted on military operations and strategic Implications and has changed the military personnel view of religion. In the military there is diversity of religious groups. There are those who attest to Christianity, Islam and others do not ascribe to any religion commonly referred to as pagans. This thesis addresses the religion in military basing on research done by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute and the impacts of religion on the military setups, majorly paying a greater attention to the role religious advisement and its related issues. Civilian survey show that those who claim some form of Christianity identity in the U.S. military constitute the largest single group (65.84 percent), the second group those with non-religious preference (25.50 percent). A report by RIPS shows that senior rank service members in the military are more religious. This may be due to motivational of religious principles. There is call for…show more content…
The responses to following questions were given: How important is religion in your life? The results point to significant differences in religiosity in the demography of the military. Female service members tend to believe that religion is important in their lives than it is to male. Service members of black race view religion more important than other races. To get the opinion of individuals of the military I carried interviews. Some agreed that religion in the military is very important. Another stipulated that, “It depends. I became more religious when I was on my first ship deployment and we lost 5 crew members in 20 days. I figured it was just a matter of time and I would go in the water. Then as time went on I became cockier and felt like it would happen to the other guy. My second ship deployment went with no losses yet we lost a crew after we were home for about 2

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