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Maharashtra, the third largest state of India, is famous for a number of things. One, it is serious about Bollywood. The capital city of Mumbai is a city that never sleeps, and the city of dreams for all those who wish to have a career in Bollywood. Two, Maharashtra knows how to celebrate festivals with absolute grandeur, especially the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. Three, the street food of this state is to die for! One simply does not leave the state without having their lip-smacking vada pav and pani puri! And finally, the konkan coast which is lined up with plenty of amazing laid-back beaches. How To Reach Maharashtra By Air: There are a number of airports in Maharashtra, with the Chhatrapathi Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai…show more content…
Chhatrapathi Shivaji Terminus of Mumbai is the largest railway station, which connects to almost all parts of India. By Road: Buses and taxis are available in abundance to reach the state. A number of National Highways run through the state making it very easy to travel from any part of India. Best Time To Visit Maharashtra Pic 1) PC: Nilesh2 str September to April are the best months to visit beaches of Maharashtra. Try avoiding the monsoon months of June to September since the rains are irregular and heavy. Read further to discover some of the beaches of Maharashtra. Mochemad Beach Pic 2) PC: Arpandhar Tucked away in solitude, Mochemad beach is located in 8 km from Vengurla. This picturesque beach harbours clean golden sand and water of Arabian Sea. Since Mochemad is an still upcoming beach, it is haven for someone looking to beat the city blues for a weekend. Green hills and coconut trees that surrounds the beach makes it all the more beautiful. Water sports such as snorkelling, parasailing, surfing and diving are available at this

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