Criminal Justice System Research Paper

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Subject: A proposal to promote justice in the Jirga System of Afghanistan specifically for women. Purpose: I write this proposal to suggest a solution for the current dispute arising within the criminal justice system of Afghanistan. The problem is that this certain system does not treat women equally to men. They treat them as property and underestimate what they're capable of. Women are continually being impacted by the way this jury system deals with justice. This unfair way of ¨reconciliation” separates the country and does not allow for peace. I propose we have a women Jirga that deals with the crimes of women. Problem of an Ineffective criminal justice system: In Afghanistan, the Jirga is a type of jury system that is community based and focuses on forgiveness. They do not punish; they look for compensation, and all the victim’s needs are addressed. The only flaw this has is that it only applies for men and not for women. There’s a lot of discrimination towards women, it's as if their lives don't matter in the eyes of the court. Jirgas use a practice known as “ba’ad” where they trade away young women in order to amend feuds.…show more content…
Her brother got to live for his crimes while she was sent away to a new family where she had to deal with their grief and anger. She had to then wed a man who was 80 years old, and as a result she ran away. Sakina’s father later tracked her down and told her if she didn't marry a new suitor he would call the police and report her for running away. She was sent to prison and got her husband's sentence even though morally, she did nothing wrong. If this type of unfair treatment got attention than before they know it they'll be in the middle of another

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