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The Origin of the Criminal Justice system in the United States predates to the early colonial period. During this time, citizens followed the laws found in Britain, France, and the Dutch Republic, some of which were unfair and didn't serve justice ( These laws were known as the English Common Law, and eventually America saw changes to these laws. (As the United States began to grow into it's own country during the revolution against England for it's freedom, their social differences were reflected into it's new leaders and eventual criminal justice system ( These laws were based on the English Common Law, along with those that emerged during America's quest to independence; most of these laws were…show more content…
Their duty was to "protect the lives and property of those under his jurisdiction" ( They also needed to enforce laws and justice to those who break it. This system wasn't perfect, as they had such a huge workload and they were faid through fees from taxes, rather than a salary. This meant that embezzling was common for some sheriffs, meaning that the system was broken and unfair since they didn't focus as much as they should on their actual work since they would get the money regardless. Still, their original intent was well-balanced but it wasn't enforced or watched close enough. They influenced later law enforcement positions, such as the later-seen judges and…show more content…
Inspired by European laws that date back to Roman and Greek law, they've all affected the way justice is served today. As Early America grew, it grew new laws with it to continue the idea of freedom and starting a new life in America. For example, a lot of people went to the newly-founded America so they can practice their religion freely without being discriminated by those who would otherwise be against it in their country. Because so many people from different background came, to allowed for America to be a diverse land with different laws delivered from different people to achieve the American dream. It should also be noted that injustices can be directed from early European laws like England that controlled America. Racism, for example, has always played a role in injustices played throughout the ages. Black people were not common in Europe and were thus discriminated against, and this was seen in their trials where they were often cruelly punished, which spread to America when they were also sold into slavery which planted the seeds of racism into America. Even to this day, there are unfair trials against African Americans

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