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Corrections and the Criminal Justice System The Criminal Justice System is made up of several major components. Corrections, Law Enforcement, and the Courts all play a vital role in how effective and efficient the criminal justice system operates. When there is a system failure in one or more of these components there is often a negative ripple effect on the others. The system can be looked at like an automobile. Your car is like the Criminal Justice System as a whole. If your tire goes flat or if you run out of gas, the rest of the car has trouble and cannot work properly. All pieces and parts need to work together to make sure things run smoothly and efficiently. The same rings true for the Criminal Justice System. Because law enforcement is often considered the first responder in the criminal justice system, I will start with their role. Law enforcement is tasked with investigating criminal charges, gathering evidence, identifying suspects, and making arrests. The next part of the system falls leads us to the courts. The courts…show more content…
There are many facets to the corrections besides jails, such as probation and parole authority, community corrections, and prisons. When an offender has been sentenced to jail or prison they then move to the corrections side of the system. The Corrections system’s main goal is often viewed as being able to change an offender’s behavior to reduce recidivism. When this occurs it plays a huge role in reducing work for law enforcement and the courts. When corrections achieves the their goal of changing an inmates behavior, once that inmates is released back into society and do not commit other crimes, law enforcement no longer has to investigated or arrest the former offender. That reduces the new case load for prosecutors and the courts. But when the correctional system fails to reform these offenders, the cycle of offending starts all

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