Zero State Solution

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A Zero-State Solution for Peace in Israel and Palestine The conflict over the territory of Israel and Palestine has become just as bloody as it is complicated. Over a span of nearly fifty years, over twenty-one thousand people have died over this conflict. Many of those victims were innocent men, women and children killed by rockets or other terrorist attacks. The current “solution” over the course of all this carnage is having the Jewish State of Israel with the State of Palestine settling in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip sections of Israel. The Jewish people believe that the land of Israel is theirs, promised to them by God’s covenant with Abraham, who is considered the father of all three major religions, being Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Islam is the youngest of the three religions, beginning in the sixth century CE, and their followers are called Muslims. Palestinians, who are predominantly Muslim, pre-date their religion by several hundred years, as far back as 1150 BCE, when Egyptian records refer to them as their neighbors. Due to the fact that Palestinians are…show more content…
Ethnic settlements would be disbanded because there would be no more ethnic lines, the country would belong to no one. The borders would be open to people of any religion or race who wish to live in or visit the holy land. The strict laws against violence would be accompanied with strict punishment, including imprisonment or excommunication from the holy land for even the most minor violent or anti-religious offense. The zero-state solution would basically come with a zero-tolerance policy, thereby forcing whoever wants to live there to either live in harmony or not live there at all. There would be laws against owning any guns, knives or deadly weapons of any kind. Jewish and Palestinian children would be forced to attend schools together and not live life separated from each
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