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How the Heart Works Jessica Palm Mrs. Bell Mrs. Fiske Pioneer Career and Technology Center Medical Office October 9, 2015 How the Heart Works In a car garage, where a famous heart surgeon was waiting for the service manager to take a look at his Mercedes, there was a loud mouthed mechanic who was removing the cylinder heads from the motor of a car. He saw the surgeon waiting and lured him into an argument. He asked the doctor after straightening up and wiping his hands on a rag, "Look at this car I'm working on. I also open hearts, take valves out, grind them, put in new parts, and when I finish this baby will purr like a kitten. So how come you get the big bucks, when you and I are doing basically the same work?" The surgeon very calmly leaned over and whispered to the loudmouth mechanic, "Try doing it with the engine running." (MedIndia, 2015) Just like a car, there are also many parts to the heart. Each part has its own function in helping the heart to work efficiently. Like gasoline and antifreeze in a car help to keep it running, the heart also needs fuel like exercise and proper nutrition. Even though exercise and proper nutrition are not the only things the heart needs to be healthy, it also needs routine check ups and monitoring much like a car needs a tune up and regular oil changes.…show more content…
Many sources suggest that each person gets at least 30 minutes of exercise five days a week (Sherwood, 2015). Along with exercise, everyone should have a heart-healthy diet. A heart-healthy diet consists of, vegetables, fruits and high fiber food (legumes/ whole grains), lean proteins (fish), low-fat dairy products, nuts, and seeds. Foods eaten and the amount of activity done greatly affects overall health of the heart and other tissues in the cardiovascular system (Sherwood, 2015). Without proper heart health and nutrition, it could lead to heart or cardiovascular

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