Get Avinas: A Narrative Fiction

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Asteria woke up to the sound of two people talking. Her head hurt and she had no idea what happened in the last hour of her life. Her vision was blurred, she felt weak, and those people were really not acknowledging that she was waking up. Finally, she was awake enough to understand what the people were saying. "Who is this?", A boy with curly green hair had asked. "I have not one clue, Pollux. Do we get Avinas or maybe even Leo?", The other boy had said. They looked very similar and looked very strange as well. Asteria finally spoke up, "Who are you two?" Both boys turned towards her with a very surprised look. They remained speechless until the boy called Pollux had asked, "Why are you here?" Asteria glared and asked her question again, but also adding "I asked you first" at the beginning. The boys gave each other weary glances and most likely telepathically argued for five minutes. Pollux kept shaking his head while the other boy had answered her question.…show more content…
So, who are you?" "My name is Asteria." "What are you and why are you here?", Castor had asked. "I am human and I don't even know what this place is or why I am here." Both boys gave questioning looks, but then shrugged. Pollux decided to ask a question. Too bad their nice little chat was interrupted by an another person angrily stomping their way over. The person had long, strawberry blonde hair and red eyes that practically glowed. They looked very angry, which was bad since they were headed towards the three. Asteria didn't look very scared, but both boys looked terrified. They shielded her trying to not let her be seen. "Pollux, Castor, I swear you two are dead meat!", The angry girl said as she was less than 30 feet away. "H-hey Scales, How are y-", Castor tried to said. "Cut the crap, 2/2, what are you hiding?", She said angrily. "Calm down, Svari, what is wrong?", Pollux calmly

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