Crimes And Misdemeanor Analysis

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Why do people commit adultery? In the film Crimes and misdemeanor, by Woody Allen, Allen focuses on characters who have dissimilar views. One of the main characters that I want to focus on is Judah Rosenthal. Judah was a wealthy Ophthalmologist who was well respected in his home and as a community leader. Looking from the outside in Judah seems to have that perfect marriage with his wife Miriam and his daughter. While Judah is being recognized for building a new wing at the hospital, he struggles with the evils of adultery and murder. Even though, Judah thought of himself as a moral man it didn’t stop him from having an affair. His affair lasted well over two years with a flight attendant named Delores, which he meets on a plane for a business…show more content…
She wanted this relationship so bad she wrote a letter to Miriam to let her know her husband was secretly having an affair with her. She even wanted to go public about this affair, but he knew his reputation would be ruined all because he wanted to feel young and free again. Delores became frantic when she realized that this affair had to remain a secret and Judah was not leaving his family for her. She screamed and argued with him about her job opportunities that she gave up to be with him, but, instead he shook her and told her to calm down. As he left her apartment, he knew he had to talk to somebody because it wasn’t going to be easy to stop this affair without his wife finding out. He confided with his best friend Ben, who is a rabbi and considered the situation “a small infidelity”. But this small infidelity just replayed in his head over and over again. His guilt had him reminiscing when he was a little boy and his father used to tell him that “the eyes of God is on us always” Now Judah began to get frantic and turns to his brother Jack who know people that can keep her quiet. But his quiet meant to have killed her with a few

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