Cocaine Vs Crack Research Paper

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Powder cocaine and crack both have similar effects. Cocaine comes from the leaves of the South American cocoa plants. Cocaine is a bitter tasting fine white powder. Crack is created by mixing cocaine with baking soda and water. Cocaine causes a numbing affect when inhaled or injected and cracked is a form of cocaine that can be smoked sometimes referred to as rock. The two drugs slightly differ when it comes to the physical effect of how it makes you feel. Crack cocaine gives out a quick and extreme high, while the powder cocaine gives out a weaker and much slower high. There is an ongoing issue at hand with the sentencing guidelines. The issue one currently faces is that there is a huge difference in the penalty and sentencing guidelines…show more content…
Choice theory was created in the 1700’s by an Italian criminologist named Cesare Beccaria. According to Beccaria people chose to engage in all behavior without the fear of severe punishment for committing the criminal offenses, people will continue to commit those crimes by choice. Beccaria also believed that all individuals possess a free will and people use free will to make rational decisions. In Beccaria’s opinion people weigh the benefits of an action and the cost of that action in order to choose how to move forward with the decision. We as humans use free will on a daily basis to make rational decisions, such as whether or not what we believe are worth the risk committing a crime. In Beccaria’s view rather than seeking revenge punishment should inscribe prevention instead. He believed that the only way to deter criminals from continuing to commit more serious offenses is to ensure that the punishment is well suited for the crime. In other words the punishment should only be severe enough to outweigh the personal benefits gained from committing the crime. This theory is a very simple concept to understand. This theory assumes that criminals are somewhat rational, just like humans. A criminal commits a crime because he or she believes the crime will ultimately benefit him or her through ways such as financial gain, a sense of control or a sense of power. The choice theory is a very strong theory that helps explain why individuals engage in criminal acts. Majority of crimes committed by people can be explained by rational choice. While reading Tibbett’s Criminological Theory I learned that there is another classical theory. Routine activities theory assumes that an offender makes rational choices or decisions. This theory assumes that most crimes occur in the daily routine of people who see then take an opportunity to commit a crime. Routine Choice Theory is a subsidiary of

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