Creative Writing: Running

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Running... why... I ask my self this everyday, why do I run every time I'm afraid of the past, when "he" finds me I run, and I will run till he's dead, but I am not willing to kill him because I gave my heart to him, and I just can't it would kill me. we spent over 20 years by each others sides, "he" was perfect from his soul to his body, every girls fantasy his voice is covers you like a warm blanket, when he plays his fingers strumming those chords and the music from his guitar, and when he sings his voice carries through your soul like the trees waving in the wind after a summer thunderstorm... "ahh!" I did it again I have to let "him" go, but he can't let me go I can still hear him call my name...Ariel" it used to give me goose

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