Juvenile Crimes In Sanford

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In the southern part of Maine lies the 7th most populated city, Sanford, standing at the count of 20,848 people. Sanford’s largest racial/ethnic group is White at 94% followed by Hispanic at 2%. The average age stands around 41 years old, and the average household income is $43,457. In the city of Sanford, the employment of police officers lies at the total of 36, with 33 being male and 3 being female. The UCR numbers for violent crimes were about what I excepted them to be. I wasn’t surprised at all that there were no reported murders in Sanford last year because of the low murder rate in Maine itself. From 2013 to 2014 there was an increase of 6 forcible rapes, from 2 to 8. All the violent crimes in Sanford either increased in numbers

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