Gender Roles In WWG By Hurston

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In TEWWG, Hurston portrayed gender roles in the 1930s accuraetly upon the main characters in the novel, Janie, Joe and Tea Cake. The represented the way males and females are set to act in premodernized societies. This is set to be a strong theme throughout the book and is repetitively mentioned and shown within the story. Janie is the protagonist of the novel and a character used as an analogy for the the literary work and reality. Janie is a character that is built on the ideals of status, in terms of power. She is weak, yet, she is the strongest characted in the novel. Her oppression is an often occurence throughout the novel, mostly by Joe. Although Janie was also oppressed y her grandmother, the main source of this is from Joe. This represents the reality for women at this time, and how they are seen as much less than males. They are degraded upon gender and the world is biased against women. The oppression by men only shows the power that the male social group upholds over the women.…show more content…
Joe, probably the strongest evident analogy, is among one of the most dominant charcaters in the book. Hurston uses Joe to not only show the oppression that men put upon women, but also show how the male is glorified and highlighted in society in the 1930s. The evidence behind this is shown when Joe is elceted mayor of the town and even is submitted to by the townspeople for his passionate dominace. This shows the impact on the male roles in society from a stereotypical viewpoint.Men are seen as dominatate creautres over women who are submissive to the male

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