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Stonewood shrugs, his hands in his suit pockets. “We rarely have trials. I believe the last one was nearly five years ago. Most situations don’t require one. I’m surprised you stood up for Brielle and be capable of knocking out a Second Class Demon such as Rile.” “I’m even more surprised everyone believes that demon’s lie,” I reply, coldly. “Yes, well when you’re the only witness besides the attacked and the attacker, and you’re human, it becomes very easy to spin lies people will believe,” he states. My eyes narrow in with curiosity. “You don’t?” Stonewood sighs, deeply, glancing over at Brielle with pity. “This has happened before and it will happen again, but that’s what you get when you’re born a seventh generation demon without a single…show more content…
Rile. There will be no charges given to Miss. Nexling and the human will be put to death,” the judge announces and the crowd of demons behind me explodes in arguments. Most of them are on the side of Rile and the few who take Brielle’s side are getting yelled out. Brielle steps up, yelling in a quiet voice in disbelief and Rile just stands up, arrogant. I don’t do anything, except bow my head, breathing gradually and trying to think this through. There has to be something I can do. There always is. I will not die because of some lie and the lack of evidence. I will run before they can kill me. Or fight. “I would like to object,” a stern female voice strongly roars through the room, followed by the clicking of steady heels. My focus turns to find Miss Blood strolling her way to the front of the room, straight to the judge. “I have evidence that what Miss Brielle Nexling’s story is the truth,” she states boldly, the crowd growing quiet once again. “Oh and what evidence would that be?” the judge questions.…show more content…
The guards leave my side to clean up the dead body and I’m free to go. Go where exactly? I don’t know. I need to get to Daemn, but I can’t just walk right up to him and stab him. “Well done, Miss. Clarke,” Miss Blood begins from behind me. “Looks like you will live to see another day.” I turn, surprised and suspicious that she saved me. “Looks like.” “I’m surprised how fast you shot that man. Your hand didn’t even shake when you handled that gun,” she continues. “Have you ever shot a gun before?” “Since it is illegal on the ground for a human to even hold a gun, then that answer would be a no,” I reply. “Of course. How could I forget,” Blood says. “You are rather good at lying, Miss Clarke. It’s like you actually believe what you’re saying.” “Because it’s the truth,” I snap back, my stomach grumbling silently. I really need to eat. I have a feeling she’s about to break some bad news by the slight turn down on her lips. “But that’s not why you’re talking to me?” “Very observant. Since the trial and the demon, you are no longer able to be employed under me or anywhere in Verutmer. You consider dangerous to the other human workers. On Sunday, you will board a carrier, which will fly you back to the ground,” she explains,

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