American Army Strengths

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1. The British army had many strengths during the American Revolution, including a large and powerful army, a navy and the financial means to take care of their soldiers. The American Army had many strengths during the American Revolution, including knowing the British tactics before hand, due to the fact that their leaders has fought on the British side previously. Also the greatest strength that the American Army had was a home team advantage. The American Army’s supplies did not have to be imported and so they received their equipment far faster than the British. Also because the war was happening right on the front lawns of the American people they were inspired to fight than British people who were halfway across the world 2. The strategy of the British Army was to be unmerciful and take no prisoners. The British Army fought dirty and they were determined to beat the colonist at any cost. The strategy of the American army was to be merciful and take in any British soldiers who surrendered. The American army had a reputation to worry about because they needed the support of…show more content…
The main difference between a regular army and a Militia is, in a regular army you are contracted to serve one year of service before you can leave, while in a militia you are free to come and go as you please. Also the regular army was much more regimented and strict and the Militia was more laidback and used untraditional fighting tactics. 4. The French played an important role in the American Revolution because when they allied with the colonist they provided more soldiers and supplies, which the colonists were in desperate need of. The main thing that separated the British army from the American army was sheer numbers; the fact of the matter was the British army had more soldiers. That’s why when the French allied with the American army they were able to help try to close the numbers gap by providing more soldiers. 5. The type of weapons used during the late 1700’s were

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