Cowburb Stereotypes

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The up and coming country band, The Cowburbs, have struck gold, along with many people’s hearts, with the release of their newest album, Traditional Life. The bands lighthearted, carefree spirit throughout the album is extremely contagious and will serve you well in making you feel like a teenager again! There is no doubt that this is a fun album you probably won’t regret picking up, but it does disappoint me in the fact that the Cowburbs have jumped on the bandwagon of making music that reflects society’s stereotypes. From a very young age we start seeing what society expects of us based on our race, gender or religion, among many other things. We cannot seem to escape all the stereotypes that society has, and the reason is because they are everywhere, with the…show more content…
But why do we continue to allow and accept positive stereotypes, when they are still in fact stereotypes? As a society, we start thinking that these are normal, and that it’s okay to typecast a group of people, because we see it being done everywhere. These actions are unacceptable and need to be put to a stop, starting with the people who have the most influence. People with a platform need to step up and bring awareness to some of society’s issues, instead of steering clear of anything that show the signs of being slightly controversial. In the article How Hip Hop Holds Blacks Back, written by James McWhorter, the author takes a similar stance as mine in how the music industry is misusing and not utilizing their platform in a way that will spread a message worthwhile. In HHHBB, McWhorter is openly annoyed about the message rappers are sending to our impressionable youth, writing “How is it progressive to describe life as nothing but “b***** and money”?”. While McWhorters article focuses on how rap music in particular is destructive, we share the same frustration in how the bigwigs choose to use their
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