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I live softly. When I walk, my footsteps fall silently. When I speak, which is seldom, my voice gets lost in the blur of the world. When I fall in and out of bed day after day, my mind is exhausted; not from all I have said, but rather from all I have yet to say. I haven’t found anyone who has the patience to understand the galaxies inside me, or someone who believes my voice is worth being heard. Until then, as a small and brave first step in the adventure of a lifetime for a tiny and quiet girl, I write. I write to understand. Each and every person is unique in their own way, a series of stories which make up who they are today. All it takes is for someone to listen, to make an effort to understand, for two people to make a connection. My…show more content…
This poses somewhat of a challenge to someone who has lived his or her entire life in silence. I am afraid of speaking, because I may not be understood. Nobody hears what I have to say because I speak as though my words have no worth. I allow myself to melt into the background noise, to silently fade away as a shadow. Although I have successfully become invisible, I am not content. I have a voice, yet fail to use it. I have so much more hidden under the surface, but it is quickly dismissed as unimportant or nonexistent simply because I can’t express it. I’m tired of walking on snow and leaving no footprints. I want to make an impact on the world, I want my existence to be known, my dreams and hopes to be heard. Voicing my thoughts is not my strong point, however, just like any skill, I am confident I can master it through practice in creative writing. Throughout this class, I hope to conquer these weaknesses and fears, and find my…show more content…
Learning about oneself and others through writing is a spiritual experience, one that matures a person to gain a better understanding of the world as a whole. People are often likened to snowflakes, each and everyone unique, yet indistinguishable one from another in a snowstorm. Many lessons can be taken away from this metaphor, one of which being, you are not alone, not ever. Even if you think you’re the first to feel completely alone or think nobody would notice if you disappeared, you’d be surprised how many people in your life know where you’re coming from. I believe everyone’s so caught up in the idea of being a single, individual snowflake that they forget that they are surrounded by constellations of others similar to them, who can relate. All you have to do is take a blind chance, and reach out into the unknown. By voicing your own feelings and thoughts, it will resonate with others who have thought and felt the same things. Through communication, we can each help each other and grow stronger. I am hoping this creative writing course will give me the opportunity to take that chance and

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