Checks And Balances Vs. Federal Government

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Without checks and balances, government would be chaos. One branch of government would have more power than the other two. The checks and balances make for a stable government. If the Framers did not set up checks and balances, the democracy we have now would be warped and would have been more of a dictatorship than a democracy, which is more like a republic. The old Articles would have the federal government be very weak and easily overthrown. If America was a dictatorship because weak government, many people would leave America. America’s states would be far more powerful than the federal government, which is beneficial and a bad thing at the same time. The judicial branch’s power includes being able to serve for life, interpret laws, and decide constitutionality. The judicial branch mostly checks the legislative branch. Even though they may serve for life, judges of the judicial branch may face impeachment by the House of Representatives and convicted by the Senate. The constitution protects those tried and faced with a charge. The judges of the judicial branch are elected by both the President and by the Senate, not the people. These people of the judicial branch are trusted to serve with only justice being the primary decision maker. The judicial branch can also interpret laws and presidential actions, to make sure that the executive branch, the president, does not stretch their power to an…show more content…
The legislative branch has the power to institute new courts, make laws that the judicial branch follows, and approve appointments made by the president. The executive branch is checked by the legislative branch when they approve presidential appointments. They have the authority to bring impeachment hearings to the president, control appropriations, and ratify treaties. The legislative branch can also declare

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