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“According to traditional Orthodox Christian history, the 7 deadly sins were created in the 4th Century by a monk named of Evagrius Ponticus. Originally this list of sins was drawn up as a form of education in Christianity. The list of sins includes: gluttony, envy, lust, wrath, aviance, sloth and pride.” These seven sins can be seen anywhere especially a restaurant or a convenience store. Gluttony is also known as over indulgence and vince is known as being greedy. Being lustful means that you have a overwhelming desire for someone or something. Displaying pride means that you are very egotistical. A good way to demonstrate wrath is by exhibiting anger. A person that may be jealous of someone is displaying envy. A slothful person is a very lazy person. Shockingly working in a deli will expose you to the seven deadly sins. Furthermore, the two deadly sins that I saw working the front and the back were pride and slothfulness. At the deli I worked at the subs were made a certain way. When a customer comes up it was are job to say “would you like your sub Tim’s way”. Tims way was very simple:onions, lettuce, tomatoes, oil, vinegar, oregano and salt. Alot of customers displayed pride by getting a…show more content…
When I worked in the front or the back I always experienced pride and slothfulness. Things were done a certain way at the deli and customers would often come in and display their pride just by the way they order. Many of my co-workers display slothfulness by not doing what they need to do. My co-workers constantly display envy between each other and they also display lust by their obsessions with doing certain task. My manager had a very strong wrath when it came to training a new employee. My customers always displayed gluttony and aviance by ordering more meat on their sandwiches. After my customers saw how much it cost for extra meat they displayed wrath by getting upset by the

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