Essay On Dangers Of Democracy

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Democracy is a type regime that originated in Ancient Greece. Democracy is considered the preferred regime by most of the world in the 21st century. It is certain that a democratic regime can bring number of benefits to the society, but democracy can also bring different dangers, forunately, these dangers can be solved by different mechanisms. This essay will first explain the benefits of a democratic regime, next it will examine the dangers faced by a democratic society, then it will at the solution towards these dangers. The following are the benefits of having a democracy. Firstly, democracy minmizes political conflicts in the country. It ensures the peacefulness within the country because peaceul transition of power can be done through…show more content…
2011, September 1), which is a phenomena that reduces efficiency considerablely. Non democractic regimes tends to rely on corruption because they face little sanctions for their corruptive behaviour, even the public are aware of it. This happens due to the absence of elections or lack of electoral challengers. Under such situation, the public have little or no means to punish related persons. Corruption greatly reduces efficiency and effectiveness of goverance as it brings various negative consequences such as raise of marginal cost of public funds, decrease the economic viability of government projects, undo the government’s ability to correct externalities…etc, leading to inefficient results (Corruption in Developing Countries. 2012, February). Moreover, corruption may also lead to inefficiencies and ineffectiveness in implementing policies as corruption can be used as a mean to request selective implementation of policies. In democracies, efficiency can be ensured as leaders are held accountable, thus elections and electoral challengers exist, sanctions will be given to politians engaging in corruptive behavoirs, minimizing inefficiencies due to
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