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What Are the Benefits of Hijama, or wet cupping? In March 2011, three systematic reviews were analysed for the effectiveness of wet and dry cupping, in which two out of three showed some evidence for effectiveness of cupping for pain. Favourable effects were shown when wet cupping was combined with adjuvant conventional treatments. A study by S.M. Ahmed and his colleagues was carried out in order to evaluate the efficiency of cupping therapy in management of rheumatoid arthritis. To sum up, they concluded that wet cupping (Hijama) combined with conventional medical therapy has several advantages. It significantly reduces the laboratory markers of disease activity and it modulates the immune cellular conditions particularly of innate immune…show more content…
On the trigger points, pain spots or Ashi points. Wherever people feel pain, this is often a message from the body that there is a blockage at that point. In the next chapter we will educate you more about trigger points and ashi points. 2. We can perform Hijama on the organs through the back to influence them. Either we stimulate organs or try to calm them. For instance, if your thyroid is working too hard we have to calm it. If it’s working too slowly, we have to activate it. 3. On the meridians. Hijama can be performed on any of the body’s 12 major meridians. In the next chapter you will learn more about meridians. 4. Between the shoulders blades and the fourth to eighth thoracic vertebrae are among the most commonly selected spots for Hijama. In many alternative medicine schools, this site is known as the “centre of gravity” of the body. This region is closest to the central lymph nodes of the body such as the neck, armpits, chest, abdomen, lymphatic chain and also thymus. Doing Hijama on these areas stimulates the immune system. In this study, most subjects believed that Hijama could be applied on any days of the week and there would be no difference in the effects and benefits of the

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