Nvq Level 3 Unit 1 Customer Service Management

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Task 1: Customer service management and complaints resolution 1.1 Describe the importance of anticipating customers’ needs and preferences, set customer service standards and ensure staff maintain them, allocating resources appropriately. Preferences are things which customer desires and needs are to fulfill the requirements. Every customer is not the same because different customers have different needs. To anticipate the customers’ needs and wants is to know what they want and understand them well. A relationship is needed to be built with customers so that they will come back and refer for others. By building a relationship with the customers, attention to the customers is needed at all times. Knowing more about the customers’ needs and…show more content…
When staying in Park Royal Hotel, they have many preferences for the customers such as the swimming pool and spa. They also meet the needs of the customer which is accessibility such as ramps and special rooms with handicap-friendly toilets for limited mobility. They also provide WIFI, arranging for a taxi pick up, restaurant reservation and printing facilities. The Park Royal Hotel provides equal employment and rewards staff based on merit, qualifications, competence and performance without any discrimination on any condition which is protected by the law. All job applicants will be guaranteed for equality opportunity. When applicants are selected, their job related abilities will match for position and will undergo for…show more content…
Customer service starts when customer arrives till they leave. It takes appropriate planning to have a good customer service. The facility must be located easily with good maps, signage and easy to navigate the direction that is posted on the website. To have a warmly welcoming the guest, put a welcome sign at the entrance and a thank you sign at the exit. Employees must know the importance of quality service and make sure that expectations are up to standards when they present themselves. Each customer must be treated as the same because the organization true profits come from the

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