Food Waste Prevention

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Techniques to prevent and minimize food waste problems Food waste has emerged as a priority in the realms of food policy and regulation, cultural politics and environmental debate for the past ten decades. Particular attention is paid to the intellectual trajectories that have complemented food waste's rising profile in popular and policy imaginations to call forth sociological engagement with the issue. Food waste actually happen when people today are surrounded by abundance. People are more comfortable wasting the food rather finish the remaining food from a meal. According to Galanakis, FAO had come out with a research stated nearly one third of worldwide food produced for human needs is wasted closed to an amount valued at nearly $3…show more content…
Source reduction is the most effectively way to prevent food waste. Both organizations and individuals can figure out how to successfully keep the stream of food waste by making basic strides. The organization such as university has successfully conducted a method of source reduction to reduce the food waste. University of Texas at Austin inspected plate waste during lunch and dinner remind their students with signage and by seeing their daily waste with typical waste receptacles. Staff likewise prepared on part control and following of pre and post consumers waste. It helps reducing food waste before it actually created. Based on the research, University of Texas has reduced their 5.7 ounces to 3.9 ounces of wasted food that was edible and by the conclusion of tray-less , the amount of food wasted went down as prediction (Jones, 2011). This method shows us more can be done by source reduction than people know with plan such as food waste…show more content…
They feed portion of food waste to the pig in their farms. Transform food waste to animal foods, it demand a proper and safe handling, also it is a pricey and prolonged process. However, unlike community based like FoodBlessed, consider that high class resort such as MGM resort international produces supplementary and extra wastage of food every year, divert the extra food to feed animals will definitely reduce the food waste produced. Follow by MGM philosophy “conserve today , protect tomorrow “ (Cindy Ortega , 2010). They collect extra food and food waste from its 165 restaurant and its 11 world famous Las Vegas Strip resorts. In order to let the operation works better, they employ the 24-hour recycling stuff to sort the food waste and all mixed recyclable food. According to Zanolli (2012), a pig farm such as RC farm feeds 3,000 pigs per day with food scrap provided by the Strip. On the other hand, food scarp collected do not eaten by pigs straightaway. It requires organization to full fill some requirement to continue using food scrap feeding animals. On top of that, RC farms has follow the requirement food animal feeds , they cooked the food waste that required temperature prior to feed the pigs. (Zanolli ,

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