Positive Effects Of Video Games

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Video games are being played everywhere, but do they hold value? People use video games for entertainment, however that might not be the only benefit gamers receive. Most people will look at games as a reason children act out, in a small manner or in some cases, horrendous acts. There are plenty of studies on the negative effects of video games, not as many to why these games should matter, but playing these games may give many positive effects. Although more research would paint a clearer picture on this subject, studies show some evidence of possible cognitive, motivational, emotional and social benefits.(Granic et al) Video games may produce cognitive benefits, although studies mainly focused on shooter games. Within “The…show more content…
These skills would be useful for many different people in many different situations, from educational platforms to physical activities. With these results you can assume that the effects are positive in moderation, so like most things in life. These skills might be obtained from other sources but video games could give us a better version of what you would normally have. Also, according to Newsleader.com “Those who play strategy games such as Starcraft, Civilization or XCom also see improvements in concrete problem-solving skills that predict academic success and higher achievement in daily life.” Problem solving skills is something we all need, so everyone can benefit from this. Other than these skills video games have been linked to creativity, in a study “among a sample of almost 500 12-year-old students, video game playing was positively associated with creativity” (Jackson et al) Just playing something creative may help unlock someone's…show more content…
The media will always paint playing violent video games in a negative way, but the positives are continuing to grow as video games improve in many aspects. Although, the negatives do exist, so caution is needed concerning the age of the person playing certain types of games. Video games can provide positive social, emotional, motivational and cognitive benefits. In general, video games hold value not only because they're fun but because they are

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