The Pros And Cons Of Juvenile Justice

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Juvenile Justice this particular System still under controversy by the way of how to treat the offender whether facing punishment or going to rehabilitation, but the victim was not able to have those options, there must be a moderate punishment against the offender, On November 26, 2001 Derek King and Alex King killed their father with an aluminium bat and set the house on fire(King) it shows a very great condition of thinking and planning but why was this? All of this has to be witoh the environment and the understanding of their actions, the brothers were living with their father, they were not living with their mother is not an excuse, but can be an exclusion to understand such actions, and individual can make an decision easy based on his environment, Childs/Kids/ do not know what a consequence of their acts.…show more content…
Based on this knowledge we can infer a teenager’s actions may be be an impulse during their brain development and committee a horrendous crime that can have really bad consequences, “A child is not a man” (Thompson 89). Who thinks about playing and having fun, not knowing how to face life,Do not know how to live without his parents and most of the time has to follow order from adults. “Their reasoning is not fully developed” they don't really know well what a “Stupid Mistake” (Jenkins Page 90). Can result on and end up given away their

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