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The construction estimation is an essential content for a project. The accuracy of the cost estimation will directly influence the decision on a project, the scale of construction, design scheme and also economic effects. The cost estimate is carried out to determine the expected funding that would be spent on the project. Cost estimate has two general purposes, which is firstly, help managers evaluate affordability and performance for the project, and also to select the alternative systems and solutions. Secondly, it is to support the budget process by providing estimates of the budgeted plans required to execute the project efficiently. From our finding, based on the result tabulated in table 1, which is the grouping of elemental cost…show more content…
The frame plays a vital role as an element in a building. It has contributed to 27.4% of the total building cost. The choice of the frame for a building such as steel, reinforced concrete or in-situ concrete may not influence the total building cost significantly. The cost of the frame might be affected by the size of the project, the height of the project, loading or the size of the frame. Moreover, upper floor is also one of the cost significant elements. It has contributed to 20.1% of total building cost, as the second highest cost of elements placed after frames. The structure for the upper floor can be timber or concrete. The relative cost of concrete upper floor is higher than that for the timber upper floor. Concrete upper floor is the choice for our this construction. For multi-storied building, the higher the stories of a building, the more the elements of upper floor will be used, thus the higher the building cost will be. In addition, floor finishes and wall finishes are also cost significant elements. They can be generalized as internal finishes. For wall finishes, it is probably based on the design of the building and the quality of the materials it used. Internal wall finishes consider as cost significant element of this project due to the area of backing screed to receive the ceramic tiles are large. For floor finishes, it basically will depend on the quality…show more content…
The total bill value of cost significant work packages is RM30,299,205.25. The percentage of the number of cost significant work packages over the number of total work items (CSWP/ WI) is 18.18% and the percentage of the total bill value of cost significant work packages over the actual total bill value is 76.22%. Thus, we can conclude that 18.18% of the cost significant work packages (CSWP/ WI) will contribute to 76.22% of total building cost (total bill value of CSWP/ actual total bill value). Both the work items are the main materials for the cost significant elements. Concrete is the main materials used for the construction elements of work below lowest floor finish, frame and upper floor. Floor, wall and ceiling finishing are the main materials used for the construction elements of floor, wall and ceiling

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