Essay On Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering is a fundamental branch of engineering which is closely associated with the very existence of human-beings. Since stone-age knowingly or unknowingly human-beings are using Civil Engineering for their shelter and food. From ancient times for cultivation of crops by humans Irrigation is used. Sub-branches of Civil Engineering such as Hydraulics and Irrigation, which were First public water tank of the ancient world (Mohanjodaro) hand in hand involved in evolution of human civilization and assured that water is available for farming whether it is monsoon or summer, throughout the year. American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE) defines civil engineering as the profession in which knowledge of the mathematical and physical science gained through study, practice and experience is implemented with judgment to develop ways to utilize economically the materials and forces of the nature for the…show more content…
In recent times the scope of Civil Engineering is widened and many new areas has come up which includes Infrastructure Development, Polymer Construction Materials, Non-destructive Testing, Project Management, Composite Construction, Aqua Structures, Protective structures, Rehabilitation of structures, Space Structures, Smart Materials and many others. All of these areas of Civil Engineering are related with day to day work of Engineers irrespective of his/her area of specialization. Any expedition in technology cannot be accomplished without the knowledge of Civil Engineering. Thus it is worth to study about all these aspects of Civil Engineering though not in full details but briefly. And this is the main purpose of this book to enlighten all the Engineering students about Basics of Civil Engineering 1.2 Civil Engineering in Building
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