Conflicts Against Native Americans

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After Columbus's discovery of the New World in 1492, many European explorer and colonists sailed to the Americas for new opportunities and wealth. Some of them wanted land properties, some of them were in search of gold, and some of them did not wanted to stay in their own country. Coming to the Americas, they encounter with the Native Americans, and of course have developed thoughts about the different group of people in the new land. Those thoughts they have against the Native Americans were negative and unjust, and caused many problems. Although Europeans came to the Americas to develop themselves and own properties there, the conflicts and prejudice they have against the Native Americans was mainly because of cultural differences, the Europeans affronted…show more content…
In a document from the textbook written by Cabeza de Vaca, he describes how the Indians were afraid and had to escape by flight from places to places, because of the terror experience and cruelties that they received from earlier Christian explorers and did not want to suffer again, explaining that they would rather die. Even though at first England sought to maintain a friendly relationship, the British also thought that the Native Americans did not deserve humane treatment. Many wars with the Indians caused the relationship to cripple, violent and devastating incidents such as the Pequot War happened in the 1600s. From a movie ‘Squanto’, we could see how English companies and other businessmen would think of the Native Americans as animals and tools for making money. There were many groups of the English with different religions, each of them differing among themselves in some way. The schism and the discovery of the new world had resulted there to be Catholics, Christians, Church of England, Puritans, Separatists, etc. Many conflicts occurred among the European countries as well as with the Native

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