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Anorgasmia in women: What is it? Anorgasmia is a medical term which indicates the frequent difficulty to reach orgasms even after ample sexual stimulation therefore causes you personal distress. Orgasms vary with intensities and different women may experience different amount of stimulation to trigger an orgasms and may have different frequency orgasms. Additionally, orgasms are subject to changes with respect to medical issues, age and medications you take. If you are happy with climax of your sexual activities then there is no need for any concern. However, if you are bothered by lack of orgasms or intensity of orgasms then you should talk with your healthcare professional about this issue. This affects more women than you think. Now, let…show more content…
Primary anorgasmia wherein you never experience an orgasm 2. Secondary anorgasmia in which you used to have experience an orgasm previously but now have difficulty in reaching…show more content…
Some women may feel the pelvic contractions during orgasms while some of you might not. The major symptoms of anorgasmia are long delays to reach an orgasms or the inability to experience an orgasm. Diagnosis: Usually a medical evaluation for anorgasmia consists of thorough study of your medical history and physical examination. Your healthcare professional may inquire about your sexual history, current relationship and surgical history. Your doctor will conduct a general physical exam to look for physical causes of anorgasmia which include examining your genital area to see the anatomical reason for lack of orgasm. How to treat anorgasmia in women? Although treating anorgasmia is difficult you can incorporate changes to your lifestyle and sex therapy can help you to have better orgasms. 1. Lifestyle changes and therapy: Address your relationship issues every day, understand the different types of sexual stimulations of your

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