Native Americans Vs Syrians

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Native American and Syrian Essay Imagine losing everything you owned, leaving everything behind in order to survive, and having to go to a new land and trying to start over. Sad to say this was a reality for Native Americans and Syrians. Native Americans had lived on this land for thousands of years until the late 1800's when Andrew Jackson, a U.S. president, decided to expand into lands belonging to five Indian tribes. Native Americans were then forced to move westward on the “Trail of Tears,” to present day Oklahoma. When they arrived they had to follow an assimilation policy made by Americans and Canadians which was believed to save them from extinction. Syrians are currently undergoing a war between the government and protesters. The…show more content…
Native Americans and Syrians have experienced conflict in their homelands, faced many challenges in their new lands, and were forced to assimilate to survive. Both Native Americans and Syrians faced many conflicts.One conflict Native Americans faced was with white settlers taking their land. When white settlers encroached on Native American property in the Southern United States, the tribes tended to adopt white ways.Yet taking up the white ways of settlers did not mean the Indians would be able to keep their lands. The reason Andrew Jackson expanded into the lands belonging to the five Indian tribes was because he was prompted by the desire of white settlers. Another conflict Native Americans faced was being forced to move west. After Andrew Jackson succeeded in pushing the Indian Removal Act through Congress, the U.S. government spent nearly 30 years forcing Indians to move westward. This forced relocation became known as the “Trail of Tears.” 15,000 Cherokee Indians walked from their homes to Oklahoma in 1838. The reason the Indians were forced to move west was because the five Indian tribes were located on land that was prime land for…show more content…
One challenge Native Americans faced was the “Trail of Tears.” Cherokee Indians walked 1,200 miles through the road of hope and promise, but in 1838 was known as the “Trail of Tears.”. They went through misery, heartache, sickness, and death for six-long months in the winter of 1838-39. This was a hardship for them because of the humiliation and suffering on the sorrowful march. Another hardship the Native Americans faced was depression. Sickness broke out every mile. One person out of every four died on the forced march. This was a hardship for them because they had to watch their loved ones get sick and then bury them.. One hardship that Syrians faced was the goverment killing innocent people. The overall estimate for deaths over the year was 140,000 according to most websites. There have been 11,420 overall deaths of children so far according to The reason the Syrian government had killed so many people was to try and make a point. Another hardship that Syrians faced was the government not allowing peaceful protests. According to Syrian government has killed 2,000 people during protests. There have been clashes in Homs, in the outskirts of the capital, Damascus, in the southern Houran region, and at the border near Turkey according to The Syrian government won’t allow syrians to have peaceful protests because the resolution would have threatened

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