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Oppression of Native Americans From Columbus's arrival to America in 1492 up until today, Native Americans have been oppressed and cast down. In the 1800's, their land was invaded and they were forced onto reservations. In the Indian Wars, many Native Americans were labeled "hostile" and massacred by the Army. Even the reservations and "Indian Territory" was taken over and settled on by the white men, and today, the major tribes that once flourished over all of North America are all but gone, with only a few small reservations to live on. These Native Americans have been thrown at the end of the scale whether it has to do with diseases, violent conflicts, and even now in modern day society. The most significant reason for Natives Americans…show more content…
”The abuse of Indian women and children can be traced to the introduction of unnatural life ways into Native culture. Scholars support this idea and suggest that violence against American Indian and Alaska Native women directly relates to historical victimization.” said FWV, an organization based upon the mistreatment of certain minorities. The government has placed reservations in unideal locations of the U.S. For example, not long ago when an in depth analysis by of reservation living conditions were, taken it was seen that policy initiatives needed improved healthcare, education, and land rights for Native Americans. This shows how the united states government has placed very little value or interest upon the needs of the natives within their own mother country. Although representative groups are raising awareness of their necessities, there still needs to be more doing rather than protesting on both parts of the conflict. Many reservation residents live without health care due to long travel distances involved in getting that care. The truth is most reservations and Indian communities are as poor as, or below, the level of the third world/global south countries. Most reservations are gripped by poverty, desperation and isolation. Many wells and much of the water and land on reservations are contaminated with pesticides and other poisons

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