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Dominic Carrillo Ronnie Peacock History 141 22 September 2015 King Phillips War A defining episode that molded a series of events afflicted by violence, tensions arose amongst the Native Americans and English colonist as the first large scale conflict erupted; Metacomets War. The struggle in which Native American relationships with English settlers began to deteriorate because of land expansion and the resentment of living under colonial laws; along with developing events that led up to the bloody outcome. “The fight pitted Native Americans against English settlers and their Indian allies, and is considered one of the bloodiest conflicts (per capita) in U.S. history.” (Jason, Britannica) Metacoms war took place during the years 1675 through 1676 and broke out in areas known as, Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island and Connecticut. The war is also referred to by some historians as “King Phillips War”, a name given to Metacomet by the English settlers. Metacomet (King Phillip), The primary war leader was the son of the Wampanoag chief, Massasoit; who is known for his…show more content…
“This raid is generally considered the beginning of King Philip's War, a bloody conflict that would involve every New England colony and all the peoples of the Algonquian nation”. During the raid of Swansea, many white men and women were massacred along with children; brutal scare tactics were implemented to edge off the New Englanders. After The Massachusetts Bay Colony received word of the onslaught that occurred at Plymouth bay, their militia marched towards burning Mount Hope, RI down; searching for Metacomet and Wampanoags. They found neither and instead were greeted with severed bloody English mens head mounted on wooden poles, thus setting the tone for violence soon to encompass every aspect of the English

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