Saga Of The Sioux Analysis

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Over 33 percent of the homes have no electricity or basic water and sewage systems forcing many to carry (often contaminated) water from local rivers daily for their personal needs. This is an ongoing struggle with the sioux nation and has been. This is because of poor insurance and no government help. In the nonfiction novel Saga of the Sioux the author Dwight Jon Zimmerman expresses how bad the sioux tribes have it in the conflicts that arise, the theme and it's all through the author's point of view. In the nonfictional novel, the Saga of the Sioux there are two major conflicts are involved; Man vs Nature and Man vs society. “ During the bad winter or the blizzard many of the horses dead” this is an example of man vs nature. The american indians had to deal with the nature. While fighting the battle of wounded knee they were caught in a…show more content…
“If they had left him alone he was going to put his gun down” this is an example of third person point of view because it uses the pronouns his,he and they. At this time the author is explaining when one of the native americans accidentally opened fire when the blue coats were at their camp “ The United states gave the sioux the black hills forever and made forbidden for the white man to trespass” this is another example of third person point of view because the author is telling what is happen like from a spectators point of view. This is when the government said that the “They sang the sioux death song untill soldiers filled white caps over their faces and nooses around their neck at a signal from an army officer a control rope was cut and 38 santee indians were lynched” this is at the time where the santee indians were being hung after one of the battles. This is also an example of a third person point of view because the other is not putting it through one person’s specific point of view. These are all great examples of the third

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