Conflict Is Natural To People's Life

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CONFLICT Conflict is natural to people’s lives. Basically, even at the youngest age, people encounter and still encountering conflict in the present time. And as life goes on, conflict widen as people interact with others especially to their lives and work aspects. It happens that conflict is part of every person’s daily life; it could be caused by opposing opinions, behavior, needs, wants and beliefs. Conflict usually united with negative thoughts followed by unpleasant situations and if ever people will neglect, it will cause destruction of oneself. For people to be able to deal with conflict they must understand the three basic types of conflict: simple conflict, false conflict and values and beliefs conflict. Simple conflict is usually…show more content…
"Work-life fit" demonstrates to us what we have on the two sides of work and life, and recognizes that we as a whole have exceptional conditions that could call for a heavier measurement of one side or the other at various circumstances in our lives. Work-life fit recognizes that life isn't a consistent thing; it changes. (Stanger, 2013) This wok-life fit is an essential thing to make everything linear. It gives us whether we fit our work into our lives or not. Thus, changes into our lives is inevitable so as much as possible we must consider all the circumstances to be able to maintain a good work lifestyle. Put together a plan. Regardless of what phase of your profession or your life you're in, a person has to make a plan when you encounter a transition in your life. Outline what your schedule should be, and how your work will change as a result of it. (Stanger, 2013) Making a plan is such a useful thing specially to all professional beings. It fixes how a person manages his/her time.Therefore, as a result, everything will be accomplished according to when you want it to be finished. Take an objective look at your life on a weekly

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