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History of Garnet Garnet is the traditional birthstone for people who were born in January. It has been also known as a perfect illustration of great love for over a thousand of years. It was also used as a symbol of faithfulness and constancy, and to get rid of sadness and mourning. According to the Talmud, the Garnet was the only source of light inside Noah's Ark. The ancient Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians signifies Garnet as a very special gem. However, it has become more popular in the western Europe, most especially the Anglo-Saxons during the beginning of the first Millenium. Scholars believed that the name "Garnet" was originated from Pomegranate since the pomegranate seeds and garnet crystals have the resemblance. Types of Garnet…show more content…
Generally, this gemstone is very easy to detect because they are rarely too perfect with only a few noticeable inclusions and vivid colors. To understand this, you may set the Swarovski crystals as an example. When you look at it, you will know that it is a man-made stone. It has no flaws, but it misses the natural and authentic feature. Imitation garnet Fake garnets are just imitations or copies. These can be made of fluorite, glass, or other materials which imitate the shape, color, and the look of a natural garnet. Although imitation garnets have the almost exactly the same look of natural garnet gemstones, these two have different optical properties and composition. The very obvious thing you can see is the natural impurity within and the dyestuff at the crack when you look at it via perpendicular light. Types of Garnet Jewelry Garnets can be found in almost all types of jewelry. The following are some of the most popular pieces of garnet jewelry. Necklaces - Garnet necklaces can be made of garnet beads, and sometimes they can be made of silver or gold chains with a garnet pendant on it. This red stone is sometimes paired with other gems like diamonds to add brilliance to the

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