Argumentative Essay On Sand Mining

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Thesis: The conflict over frac sand mining in southern Wisconsin is informed by longer series of histories and ongoing social conflicts. These conflicts between residents in the community who want frac sand mining and those who are opposed to it. The debate over economic opportunity for a community versus the environmental and homeland invasion. Before frac sand mining became a controversial topic in Wisconsin, many community members lived a pleasant, undisturbed rural life. Passed down from generations, rural farmland continues to home many individuals within Wisconsin. In the Pearson’s article, it eludes to the history and attachment members of the community feel toward their land. They have been able to farm and continue through generations…show more content…
I have eluded to this throughout the paper, but the effects of frac sand mining goes beyond a large sand pit and high truck trafficking. “Now the vista is dominated by an industrial sand mine, dismembering that same ridge” (Ness pg. 1). It has led to people’s quality of life to decrease and diminish their “normal” way of living. Many community residents that become surrounded by the frac sand pit believe the landscape should be harvested a different way. For instance, a great deal of the land resides within agricultural fields or forests. By removing them, it interferes with their simple lifestyles. These conflicts reside with what the natural landscape should be used for. Many believe it should stay within agriculture while other believe it should be used to harvest this natural resource of sand. This country has been built on hard working individuals that earn a decent paycheck. Everyone needs to make a living doing something, and frac sand mining gives community members the opportunity to earn income. This paradigm between making a healthy living and quality of life continues to be a struggle in

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