Stalingrad Film Analysis

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Today we start our first meeting for asking which films are most suitable as Top 3 films. Zahra said the most suitable film to present in class is Stalingrad (Russia, 2013). - The film show cruel of humanity in the war. The screen show a German Nazi soldier want to enter the Russia water place to take water and killed by a Russia Red Army. - In the film, the screen for the murder of Jews also show the Jews do not have right to survive. Nirosa rejected Zahra’s choice. - She said Stalingrad (Russia, 2013) show more romantic story more than the reality of the war. - Romance among a girl between 5 Russia heroes and a woman with a German officials soldier. The film do not focus on the war between two country. - She suggested Stalingard (German, 1993)…show more content…
For example, soldiers hungry until dead in winter war, broken leg, killing their own people, being crazy, mentality problems, commit suicide and others. - This film is suitable as a history documentary film for teaching material to students. May and Zahra rejected Nirosa’s Choice - May said there is too many violence in the film Stalingrad (Germany, 1993) and Zahra agreed May opinion. Nirosa defend her point - Violence show the real situation of the World War II. Aliah and Syahira Agreed with Nirosa explanation and choice. May suggested Brest Fortress (Russia, 2010) - The film using angle of a Russian boy (15 years old) who served with the Red Army in 1941. He experienced the World War II start and end. It is suitable for students stand with alternative point of view to see the war. - The film also show war to destroy humanity . We can see that a couple, family separated by the war. The war coming without notice it occur suddenly. In the film screen the people in the village are happy and enjoy peace everyday. Everyone have their own normal daily life. But, after the war coming they faced dead, dangerous, fear and sad. - For example, a doctor commit suicide because he feel

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