Disadvantages Of Green Gabion

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1. Introduction Green gabions are an environmental friendly product. Green gabions help to slow water velocities near the banks and trap sediment. Gabion baskets are used for erosion control for rivers, shorelines and stream banks. It provides immediate and long-term erosion control and creates hospitable conditions for plant establishment. Gabion baskets are rectangular spaces that are made of PVC coated wire mesh boxes with an inclined face of 45˚or 60˚and are filled with cobble stone which allows vegetation to establishment in and around the gabion baskets. Dozens of gabions can be locked together and stacked on top of each other to form a man made wall. The integration of the vegetation provides a high resistance and durability of the structure. As the root system develops, it reinforces…show more content…
6. Advantages and Disadvantages of Gabions 6.1 Advantages  They are cost effective compared to traditional concrete or reinforced concrete walls.  Reduce velocity of water as the energy dissipated by the rocks, thus reduce erosion.  Its flexibility allows for small ground movement.  Economical, especially if field stone is available.  In most cases, voids will eventually be filled with soil, silt and vegetations which will reinforce the structure and give extra strength.  The strong base provides strength to the gabions to prevent it from being drag away by a river or stream.  Gabions can be purchased in various sizes to suit the height and width of sloop required.  Depending on the availability of material and equipment, handling and transporting of material is easy and thus reduce the time of construction.  Voids can be easily seen between the rocks which provide permeability to the gabion wall. It allows water to flow through the structure. 6.2 Disadvantages  Gabion structures have a unnatural and ecstatically unpleasing appearance in river, pond and beach

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