Scheffler Reflectionor

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Abstract—This paper describes some ideas about the design of the Scheffler reflectors and how it is developed. Scheffler reflector has wide range of applications where medium and high temperatures are needed. Scheffler fixed focus concentrators are successfully used for medium temperature applications in different parts of the world. These concentrators are taken as lateral sections of paraboloids and provide fixed focus away from the path of incident beam radiations throughout the year. The paper presents a complete description about the design principle and construction details of a 60m2 surface area Scheffler concentrator. The paper presents the mathematical calculations to design the reflector stand for various latitudes, say 0°-18°…show more content…
A Scheffler reflector is a small lateral section of a paraboloid as shown in figure 1, which concentrates sun’s radiation over a fixed focus. The innovation of the Scheffler reflector is the adaptation to changing seasons, in order to maintain focus, the mirror must be adjusted in altitude and its shape must be changed. Mathematically, the mirror’s shape change is due to the fact that we have two fixed points that define the shape of the parabola: the focal point, and the point where the mirror is held to the frame. Using this, we can figure the correct parabola for the sun’s current altitude at any time throughout the…show more content…
The parabolic reflective dish turns about north-south axis parallel to earth’s axis, tracking the sun’s movement from morning (East) to evening (West), to maintain gravitational equilibrium of the dish. 2. The parabolic reflector also performs change in inclination angle while staying directed to sun, in order to obtain sharp focal point. 3. Focus lies at the axis of rotation. It remains at a fixed position, where concentrated heat is captured and transferred to water through the receiver to generate hot water or high pressure steam. 4. Water from header pipe passes to receiver (thermosyphon principle). At the receiver, the hot water or steam generated water and collected in the header pipe flows to the end use application. Advantages of Scheffler reflector: • Varity of portfolio available: different reflector sizes, different storage options • Modular design, easy to replicate • Roof top installations possible • High temperature at focus, direct steam generation, water as heat transfer

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