Concrete Pump Case Study

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Introduction 1 Concrete pump Concrete pumps are mainly used to transport concrete to locations of difficult or in some cases, impossible access. In our modern society, the construction of high buildings, dams, large bridge pilings, and extended tunnels with all their complexness can only be achieved by the use of concrete pumps. This type of machine can make the work of hundreds of men in just a few hours. As it well known, labour costs is one of the main expenditures of a building site, and therefore the construction industry is more than welcoming the advance of new, more powerful, flexible, reliable concrete pumping machines. Orchard, B. (2010) has wrote in his article that in April 2008, a fresh world record height of 606m for pumping concrete was set on the Burj Dubai Tower…show more content…
The picture on the write is can give the reader an idea of how concrete pumping machine were like in the 1950s. Germany has lead the market is terms of technology and development of new machinery, especially after the 2nd World War, when the use of concrete pumping became nationally widespread in order to reconstruct their country. Japan later became the second largest manufacturer. Their predominance in the market lasted for decades and it was only overcome by the US and China throughout the 1990s 2 Types of pumps There is currently in the market a vast choice of concrete pumps, but from all types available, two types are by far more widely used; boom and line pumps. Usually the contractor responsible for the work will decide which kind will best suit for each particular job and its own characteristics. • Boom pump Figure 2: Photographer unknown. Available from:

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