Concurrent Jurisdiction

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The United States government has three main branches ,the legislative, the executive, and the judicial.We'll be talking about the judicial branch.What is the judicial branch?The judicial branch is one of three branches of the federal government. The judicial branch includes criminal and civil courts and helps the United States Constitution it is a belief that no person is above the law. Back in the day there was no national courts states courts decided everything. It was confusing people never really knew what the laws were so the framers fixed the problem by creating the federal court system sometimes there were Jurisdiction, Jurisdiction means the authority to hear and decide a case. In general, state courts hear matters of state law and federal courts hear cases that involve the Constitution or other federal laws.The Constitution gives federal courts exclusive jurisdiction the sole right to hear a case over certain types of cases, depending either case or the parties involved. Concurrent jurisdiction refers to cases that fall under both state and federal jurisdiction. Concurrent jurisdiction applies when cases with the amount of money involved exceeds $75,000.Then there is the Plantiff which is basically the person making the complain and the defendent is the person against it.Whether a case is heard in state or federal court, the court that first hears it is said to have…show more content…
That means they have original jurisdiction over nearly

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