Book Thief Movie Vs. The Book

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The Book Thief is a magical story, that's beautifully written, and beloved by many readers. However, the movie adaptation of the film falls short in matching up to this wonderful piece of literature. It's not a novel idea to regard a movie as sub-par to the book it was based on, but in this instance the movie the book thief really out does it self. The book differs extremely from the movie by changes in the structure, theme, and tone of the movie. The biggest difference between the book and the movie seems to be the sequence of events. When watching the movie it felt like they cut out all the middle chapters of then re-arrranged them into a random order, with the beginning and end sitting awkwardly on either end. For one, Rudy learns about Liesal's secret (Max) way earlier in the Movie. He finds out when Max is still sick and living with the Hubermanns. The second disruption in the order of the story is when Liesal's relationship with Ilsa get's cut off early, and they fire her for a different reason than in the book. Another strange choice of sequence change is their decision to have Mr. Steiner be drafted first, and then Hans drafted a good while later. These changes made the movie seem very abrupt and rushed. Their failed effort at squeezing together all of the…show more content…
The importance of books to Liesal and to the story is completely glossed over so as to get on with the plot of the story. The two books that Max wrote in the story: "The Standover Man" and "The Word Shaker" was an immensly important part of the book. They helped outline His and Liesal's friendship while also providing deep and important symbolism. In the Movie these books arent even mentioned. The complete destruction and disregard of the story's original theme is further perpetuated when in the bomb shelter Liesal tells a story instead of reading one, like in the

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