Gender Imbalance In Football

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Gender imbalance is a constant issue throughout the sporting world. One issue in football for example, is that men's sport tends to be broadcasted and covered much more frequently than women's - even though they will both play in the same profession of sport. One reason why women earn less income than men, is because male sports receive more exposure and promotion due to the attention they gain from the media. For example the main sport sections in newspapers are more or less always male related - unless women do something major and out the ordinary or unless the female athlete is recognised on a universal scale. Consequently, females would then receive less recognition and acknowledgment as men; since people are less familiar and don't know female athletes as much as male athletes. Therefore to improve and help eradicate gender imbalance, women should earn equal amounts to men. This would help more women to participate in sports as there will be an equilibrium between…show more content…
Holding biased or unfair views about other nationalities or ethnically different people, and treating them as inferior. This is an issue in the world of sport, especially in football where racism is mainly directed at non-white or non-UK players or fans. As football is one of the most universal sports, it is important to tackle and remove deviance like this; children and even adults could imitate their favourite players i.e. role models and carry out the same actions on the field or even in everyday life. One of the most famous recent racial incidents in football, occurred in the 2011/2012 season of the Barclays premier league, where Patrice Evra (Manchester United player) was racially abused by Luis Suarez (ex Liverpool player). Luis Suarez claimed Evra misunderstood the word he had used, but was then found guilty and received an 8 match ban- along with a £40,000

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