Julius Caesar Accomplishments

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Julius Caesar is one of the most important figures in history. From his early life to his death he has always had a interesting life. He known for his accomplishments in his military career and his political achievements. From his victory in Gaul to his ability to make allies with Egypt. He was able to do all this with a poor family and little power. His speeches were known to be very inspiring and convincing. He also had the love of the people due to his speeches and that gained him a large fellowing early on. The life of Gaius Julius Caesar was one full of monumental accomplishments that range from politics to creating the calendar we use today. Julius Caesar is the definition of a self-made man. Caesar was born on either July 12th or…show more content…
In many points, in his life he held many positions of political power. His first political position was being in the staff of a military legate in 79 BC and after that he became a orator, or lawyer, in Rome. He spent the next few year after that traveling the world to learning until in 72 BC, he was elected military tribune; a person who’s job it is to look after the people. He held the position for 4 years until in 68 BC, he was elected quaestor, the person that was in charge of public revenue and expenditure. Then, in 65 BC, he was elected curule aedile and was left in charge of markets, grain supply, and the water supply. Caesar then, in 63 BC was elected the chief priest and then in 62 BC, he was elected praetor. In 61 BC, then became the propraetor, or governor of Spain. In 60 BC, Julius Caesar was made part of The First Triumvirate and the 1/3 leader of Rome but, due to problems that lead the Triumvirate to fall apart in 49 BC, a civil war broke out between Caesar and Pompey. The war ended with Pompey dead but, not because of Caesar. It was due to the King of Egypt at the murdering him. Caesar was able to then kill the King Ptolemy XI with the help of Cleopatra. “When Caesar arrived there, he installed Cleopatra, daughter of the late King Ptolemy XI as queen” (Funk & Wagnails Encyclopedia). This set up a alliance between Rome and Egypt lasted

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