Explain Why Juveniles Should Be Sent To Adult Courts

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In today’s society there are many juveniles being sent to adult court for a variety of crimes. When a juvenile is sent to criminal court the juvenile can most likely be found guilty and receive harsher punishment than the adults that commit the same crime. Depending on which State the juvenile is located in depends on if the juvenile is automatically will be sent to criminal court. The question remains, should a juvenile be transferred to adult courts for Type I and Type II offenses? The juvenile might not be mature enough to understand the crime they committed; thus a psychological examination is ordered to determine competency. There are age considerations for determining the transfer of a juvenile to adult court. Regardless of the age of a juvenile the courts and society has a legal and moral responsibility to respond to criminal victimization in order to preserve order and protect the community. There are several different reasons why a juvenile is sent to adult court, if a juvenile commits a heinous crime (e.g. murder, aggravated assault, and rape), the prosecutor can make a decision to transfer the juvenile to criminal court, and the judge needs to decide if this is the correct decision for the juvenile.…show more content…
This will also cause the juvenile to become physically assaulted and raped by the adult prisoners. Prisons can be graduate schools for crime which could account for recidivism rates exceeding 60 percent in many states. With the recidivism rate being so high means that the juvenile is learning how to commit other crimes while they are in prison with adults. This is when a judge needs to look at sentencing guidelines. The judge needs to consider if at the time the offender is released if they are going to be a productive member of the community and public

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